Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Podcast: The Freeway That Never Was

This week on the podcast we chat with Brendan Wittstruck about I-755 in St. Louis, a freeway that was never built.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Podcast: High Speed Rail Lessons for California from France and Germany

Eric Eidlin joins the podcast to talk about his German Marshall Fund research on High Speed Rail in France and Germany.  Definitely check it out as there are lots of great discussions about station land uses, station locations, and last mile connections.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Podcast: Janne Flisrand Talks Raising Community Voices

This week on the podcast, Janne Flisrand, an Urban Anthropologist, Network Weaver, and writer at talks about which voices we are including in city discussions, community meetings, equity and more.  Join us!  And don't forget you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher.  Just type in Talking Headways.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Podcast: Mary Newsom Talks Charlotte's Appetite for Growth

On this week's talking headways podcast, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute's Mary Newsom talks about Charlotte's history, urban growth, and transportation.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Urban Issue Podcast Library

I started doing a podcast with Streetsblog just over a year and a half ago.  It was a way to do something without having to think through a whole blog and just have a general conversation about all the news I was finding each week with my friend Tanya.  It has since evolved to one where I'm the host and we have guests from week to week to talk about what's going on in cities. 

But I'd been listening to sports, comedy, and the usual NPR style podcasts for a long time.  Some of my favorites I still listen to today are the Men in Blazers who mix in pop culture with US and International Soccer and the Scott Mills daily from the BBC.  Random I know. 

But urban issue specific podcasts were few and far between.  And still kind of are, but the list is growing.  I though I would put together a list folks might find interesting but I also hope more will try their hand at interviewing friends and colleagues who have something interesting to say.  Ira Glass says not everyone has an interesting story, but in this world of transit and cities, I imagine most of the people who work in the field have a strong knowledge of their field and can share experiences.

I know I probably missed some so add your favorites to the comments section and I'll add them to the list.  Also, I tried not to post podcasts that were not ongoing at this time.  There's quite a few that have started and fizzled out. 

The Urban Issues Podcast List

APA Planning Podcast - his one is a little bit of everything in the planning world.  It's likely you'll be able to find something to enjoy, but it might be hit or miss week to week.
iTunes | Stitcher

Cascadiacast - This podcast based in the Pacific NW and housed at the Urbanist. 

Civic Strategies Podcast - Otis White talks with urban leaders about what's going on with their cities once a month.  You can listen to it on his website.

Damien Talks - Streetsblog LA's Damien Newton has California guests on to talk about transportation and livable streets issues.

Monocle Urbanist Podcast - Monocle is a British magazine and this podcast takes you to different parts of the world to discuss urban policy and design.  I really enjoy this one because it's great each week.
iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud

Live @ SPUR Podcast - SPUR has great evening and lunchtime speaker events and they just recently started putting them together in podcast form.

Urban Solutions Audio -  Audio Clips produced for the NRDC Urban Solutions program.  Covering urban issues from transportation to water.
Soundcloud Podcast - Bill Lindeke puts together a great informational podcast about the comings and goings of urban issues in the Twin Cities.

Strong Towns Podcast - Chuck Marohn sometimes talks on his own, and sometimes has guests.  Mostly they talk transportation and cities, sometimes they talk the Hunger Games.
iTunes | Stitcher

Talking Headways Podcast - I'm biased of course but I think it's pretty great.  Hosted at Streetsblog we talk about transportation and urban issues each week with a new guest.  Early episodes included the wonderful Tanya Snyder as co-host.
iTunes | Stitcher

The Infrastructure Show - Professor Joseph Schofer of Northwestern University talks infrastructure of all kinds.  Panama Canal or Bust!

The Indy Show - The folks at Urban Indy have just dipped their toes into the podcasting waters, let's hope they keep it going.  Great first episode.
Episode 1

This is the Nature of Cities Podcast - Accompanying the Nature of Cities blog, this audio series discusses the ecology of cities.

Transit Matters Podcast - Broadcasting from Boston about transportation issues, Jeremy Mendelson talks MBTA and more.
iTunes |

Urban Cincy Podcast - The guys at Urban Cincy put on a great podcast talking about local Cincinnati issues with a panel of guests.  Super enjoyable.
iTunes | Stitcher

Urbanism Speakeasy - Host Andy Boenau has guests each show talking about urban issues such as transportation and urban design.
iTunes | Stitcher 

The Urbanophile - Aaron Renn has various guests on his audio podcast usually connected to either his site the Urbanophile or City Journal.

99% Invisible - Roman Mars and company discuss design in all it's forms.  Not quite a city focused podcast but lots of elements and one of the most popular on the planet.
iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Podcast: The Sharing Economy

This week Brooks Rainwater from the National League of Cities joins us to talk about what city leaders think about the sharing economy. We also talk some robots and singularity. Fun times. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Even a 5 Year Old Knows to Skip the Drive

After getting rid of my car about 5 years ago, I often miss being able to do certain things like driving up the coast or heading out to a great trailhead. I can still do those things but now there's a bit of a mental burden to paying $10 per hour for that privilege. Of course that's what keeps me from more VMT, but I also forget what driving was sometimes like. For many it's a necessity, but also a burden. This commercial might be a good representation of the reason why younger folks are waiting until later to get a driver's license. Because while enjoyable on the open road, driving often can be a pain.

Monday, June 15, 2015

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Hey All!

Thanks for keeping up with The Overhead Wire and The Direct Transfer in your RSS feeds or by checking back in to the website. Many of you are using the RSS instead of getting the daily email and that's awesome. As many of you know, for nine years I've put together The Direct Transfer Daily (formerly The Other Side of the Tracks) and for the last few months (and a year+ with Tanya Snyder) have been doing the Talking Headways Podcast at StreetsblogUSA. In my previous job there was a bit of support for these projects however now that I'm working on my own as a consultant that isn't as sustainable. It probably wasn't sustainable before but I love doing it and still do.

I'd like to keep collecting news and podcasting to share information with folks who love cities. Hopefully I can also write more at The Overhead Wire and here. My intern Kelly has been loading news and writing posts and I need to keep paying her for that great work and pay for some of my time creating these resources.

So if you're so inclined I would really appreciate your support. The Patreon is a monthly subscription donation that you choose. It can range from cents to $150 a month. That higher level will allow someone to co-host the podcast with me once a year. $2 a month gets you a sticker with our loveable Overhead Wire logo on it.

You can pledge continuing support for The Overhead Wire on Patreon here.

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So let's keep this going. Thanks so much for continued reading of our link collections and listening to the podcast. We really appreciate it and I hope they help you as well.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Podcast: Tara Pham Discusses St. Louis and Civic Innovation

This week on the podcast, Tara Pham joins the podcast to talk about St. Louis.  We talk about the music scene, civic innovation, the internet service economy, and her company's focus on collecting better data for cities.  Check it out!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Podcast: Bruce Katz Discusses UK devolution and the Power of Metro Regions

This week Bruce Katz from the Brookings Institution joins us to talk about plans for devolution in the United Kingdom and how the lessons from that process can be applied here in the United States by the federal and state governments.  Lots of great quotes in this one, so you'll want to take a listen.